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Parkour cat defies gravity to escape a feline gauntlet

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The internet is not a stranger to cat videos nor is it unfamiliar with memes set to Awolnation’s “Run.” So behold, the fated fusion of two iconic internet staples.

The scene opens in a nondescript alleyway. Four cats mill about — two are lounging, two are getting a bit feisty. The familiar build-up tones of “Run” play as the two cats in the back get a little more aggressive.

Then the fated “run” happens, timed at the moment when one cat feels the necessary urge to escape this terrible alley. And so it starts to jump off the walls in a wild display of athleticism.

It’s an excellent blending of two internet legends. 

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adminadminParkour cat defies gravity to escape a feline gauntlet

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