Hot take: Chip and Joanna Gaines need to be called out for procreating

Fans of “Fixer Upper” no doubt have heard that stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have announced they’re having a fifth child. That’s good news, right? In an opinion piece for Canada’s CBC News, Kristen Pyszczyk was surprised by (but not opposed to) some of the online backlash, “because it’s a sentiment so seldom heard in a society that generally celebrates procreation with almost militant cheerfulness.”

We can already see where this is going.

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Ed Sheeran announces engagement

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Ed Sheeran has announced he’s engaged to his long-time girlfriend Cherry Seaborn.

Posting on Instagram he said they are both “very happy and in love”, joking that their cats are happy for them too.

The couple met in school although they only got together in 2015, spending most of 2016 travelling the world during his year off from music.

Cherry is a hockey star and helped England U21’s win the bronze medal at the 2012 European Championships.

Last year Ed said that he’d finally had the chance to fall in love after taking a break from music.

“This has been the first time I’ve ever actually had the time to fall in love properly,” he told Zane Lowe on Beats 1.

“‘I’ve always got into relationships very passionately – I’m a redhead and also Irish.”

He also explained he wanted to start a family.

“I’m ready, let’s go – tour bus babies, little fat, chubby babies that just walk around,” he said.

Ed was forced to cancel some of his tour dates at the end of last year after a bike accident.

His single Shape of You was 2017’s biggest selling single, according to Official Charts data.

He is nominated at next month’s Brit awards for album of the year, British single, British video and British male.

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8 Things Traditional Nativity Scenes Get Wrong About What Its Like To Give Birth In A Barn

Traditional Nativity scenes get these wrong every. Single. Time.

1. Three words: Way more shit.

If a Nativity scene is going to accurately reflect what a barn birth is all about, it’s going to have to go heavy on the fake shit. Cow pies, rat turds, sheep pies, cat feces…Anyone who’s actually been there can tell you, there’s shit everywhere in a real-world barn birth, and it’s the most obvious detail that Nativity scenes miss.

2. There should be rabbit carcasses scattered around the Virgin Mary to keep the feral cats from trying to make off with the placenta.

The skinned rabbit carcasses you need to spread around to distract nasty, mangy cats from playing umbilical-cord tug-of-war with the mother are another key detail of real-life barn births that is sadly lacking in Nativity scenes. A more honest depiction would show a circle of tainted rabbit carcasses around the Virgin Mary and a group of cats mange-stricken with bald spots and missing ears hissing at one another while dragging the carcasses off to the outhouse to devour them.

3. The sheep should be gazing lovingly at all the hay, not the newborn baby Jesus.

Hate to burst your bubble, but sheep don’t give two shits about babies. They care about one thing, and one thing only, and that thing is hay. And there’s plenty of hay in a barn. Yet in every Nativity scene you see the sheep are all focused on the Christ child like he’s some sort of big pile of hay. Yeah, no. But nice try.

4. You’ve got to cover the baby Jesus with an umbrella so that barn pigeons don’t shit all over him.

In a real barn birth, if you don’t have that baby covered with an umbrella or a piece of plywood or something, it’s going to be covered in pigeon shit in about, oh, three seconds. No matter how many pigeons you shoot with a pellet rifle in preparation for the birth, there are always going to be enough of the birds left to coat that baby with a layer of shit before it’s even fully crowned.

5. In a real barn birth, the cows have to be put down with a bolt gun so they don’t trample the mother during labor.

This is just one of the many brutal aspects of farm life that Nativity scenes choose to conveniently ignore in their cleaned-up, Disneyland version of what it’s like to give birth in a barn. A typical Holstein cow weighs in at 1,300 pounds, and that’s 1,300 pounds you don’t wan’t anywhere near you when you’re laying on a cold barn floor in December trying to push out a baby and get the hell out of there. Putting the cow down with a bolt gun is as fast and humane of a way as any, but you still won’t be seeing Nativity scenes with piles of cows with crushed foreheads any time soon.

6. The angels would get all wrapped up in the milking equipment when they fly in.

A working barn has all sorts of tubing strung everywhere to transport the milk from the cows to the milk tank, and it doesn’t exactly make for easy flying. Any angels visiting a Christ child in a barn would be completely tangled up in a mess of milk-spraying tubes pretty much immediately.

7. If the barn isn’t properly limed, expect that kid to last three days, tops, before Barn Brain sets in.

A barn needs to be properly disinfected with a fresh dusting of barn lime, or that kid’s going to catch Barn Brain almost immediately. Nativity scenes never show a thick white layer of powdered lime covering every exposed surface in the entire barn, yet you don’t see many depictions of Christ with the enormous, bright-blue head indicative of a newborn stricken with Barn Brain. He must have avoided Barn Brain by a sheer miracle. Sure.

8. The closest thing to a “wise man” you can expect to show up is your neighbor’s dim son wandering into the barn to try to sell the laboring mother raccoon pelts.

There aren’t many folks just wandering around in the country in December sticking their noses into other people’s barns, save chicken thieves and your neighbors’ dim sons, neither of which are exactly “wise.” Where Nativity scenes got the idea that camel-riding shepherds randomly drop by to present your baby gifts after you give birth in a barn is a complete mystery. A Nativity scene including a statue of a dim-looking boy trying to sell the Virgin Mary coon pelts would be a much more realistic depiction of a barn birth than the statues of wise men dropping off Frankincense and myrrh. Once you see that, it gets pretty hard to suspend your disbelief.

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Target thinks women dont know a home run from a touchdown

In the trail-blazing year of 2018, Target is capitalizing on the cliché of the female football fan with a collection of shirts telling women just how dumb and disinterested they really are when it comes to the game.

Becky Tallent, Director of U.S. Government Affair for Dropbox, tweeted three photos of shirts from the collection, which have phrases that assume women don’t know the terminology of sports enough to separate football from baseball. The series of shirts also assumes women are waiting for the commercials rather than watching the plays.

Whether or not those descriptions fit an individual shopper, the collection alienates an entire group of women who actually do care about the game.

The company tweeted Tallent a response assuring her the merchandise team was reviewing their decision to release the shirts. But it is unclear how many locations have the sexist shirts in their stores.

Some Twitter users are defending Tallent and expressing anger toward the branding decision.

A Twitter user rejected Tallent’s issue with the company and said it was not one of “real equality,” telling her to “let it go.” But others are making it aware that women can take on big issues in sexism as well as small.

This is not the first time Target has been in hot water for its sexist branding. According to New York Daily News, Target was under fire in 2015 for a shirt that said nothing but “Trophy” in huge letters across the front. Not only was the shirt marketed to women, but it was also in the juniors’ section. Target’s response included a statement that said, “These shirts are intended as a fun wink and we have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our guests.”

The question of the shirts brings on a bigger debate about who decides where to draw the line, whether it’s the company or the consumers themselves. In an article by AdWeek, 3% Conference CEO Kat Gordon said, “ first have diverse people making the ads. Gendered depictions will self-correct. Second, have ad agencies amend their creative briefs with language about how stereotypical depictions of women—or anyone for that matter—are just as off-brand as using the wrong logo in an ad. Address stereotypes at the kick-off meeting, instead of months—and millions of dollars—later.”

In an age where merchandisers are getting feedback about their ideas almost instantly with the help of social media, the consumer is taking on more and more of a role to get companies’ attention about what is acceptable and what isn’t.

But, why in 2018 are women still having to speak up about something like this? Come on Target, let’s leave those sexist shirts in 2017.

Update 3:40pm CT, Jan. 26, 2017: A Target spokesperson tells the Daily Dot that the company has decided to remove the shirts from stores and it appreciates the feedback from shoppers.

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Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua: first primates born using Dolly the sheep cloning method

Cloning of macaque monkeys a breakthrough, but researchers insist work will not be extended to humans

Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua: first primates born using Dolly the sheep cloning method

Cloning of macaque monkeys a breakthrough, but researchers insist work will not be extended to humans

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Grumpy Cat owner wins $700K lawsuit over copyright infringement


Grumpy Cat will forever be remembered as one of the most famous memes of all time. The frowny feline exploded in popularity in 2012 and has been making her owner bank ever since—plus landing them in intellectual property conflicts.

At its start, the Grumpy Cat meme business became so lucrative that her owner Tabatha Bundesen quit her job as a waitress at Red Lobster and founded Grumpy Cat Limited. Through the sale of t-shirts, books, pillow, and other Grumpy Cat branded items, Bundesen has reportedly raked in millions.

As the Chicago Tribune points out, Grumpy Cat has appeared on The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, American Idol, and many other popular shows. Tardar Sauce—the cat’s real name—also became the face of a Honey Nut Cheerios ad and an ambassador for Nestle’s Friskies cat food.

It’s unsurprising, then, that such a lucrative cultural icon would be subjected to copyright infringement as other businesses try to capitalize on the kitty. One intellectual property dispute that began in 2015 was ruled in favor of Grumpy Cat and her owners Wednesday, awarding Grumpy Cat Limited $710,001 in damages, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Grumpy Cat’s case was against the Grenade beverage company. Grumpy Cat Limited previously struck a deal with Grenade to sell a “Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino” line of iced coffees. When the company tried to also make “Grumpy Cat Roasted Coffee” and some other Grumppuccino merchandise outside of their agreement, Grumpy Cat Limited filed a federal lawsuit for copyright infringement.

“Ironically, while the world-famous feline Grumpy Cat and her valuable brand are most often invoked in a tongue-and-cheek fashion, Defendants’ despicable misconduct here has actually given Grumpy Cat and her owners something to be grumpy about,” the complaint stated.

Grenade countersued, claiming Grumpy Cat didn’t promote the coffee like it had promised, but the jury still sided with Grumpy Cat. Perhaps it’s because Tardar Sauce herself made an appearance in court—and who could say no to a face like that?

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Smile! Grumpy Cat wins 500,000 over copyright breach

Owners of internet sensation with permanently gloomy face win payout from US coffee group

Smile! Grumpy Cat wins 500,000 over copyright breach

Owners of internet favourite with permanently gloomy face win payout from US coffee group

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Want A Job Cuddling Cats? Move To Dublin To Make Your Dreams Come True

When most people talk about their dream job, it’s something ambitious.

People are always reaching up further on the ladder in their career trajectory, but if you sit down and think about what you would actually want to do for a living, it’s probably not sitting in an office.

For instance, I would love to make money embroidering or reviewing bad reality television, but since those aren’t typical jobs, they’ll probably stay a fantasy. If you love cuddling cats, though, a veterinary clinic in Ireland is here to make all your dreams come true.

Just Cats Veterinary Clinic in Dublin, Ireland is looking for a full-time employee to cuddle the cats in their care.

They say the person applying should have a lot of “cattitude” and a passion for helping homeless kitties.

The ideal candidate must have gentle hands capable of petting and stroking cats for long periods of time.

They need to be softly spoken and capable of cat whispering to calm the nerves of some of our in-patients.

An ability to understand different types of purring is a distinct added advantage in helping you secure this position with us.

It sounds absolutely purrrrrfect. If you’re still interested (and of course you are), you can apply today.

(via Paws Planet)

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