You’ll Be Stunned By These 5 Amazing Animal Weight Loss Stories

Being overweight isn’t healthy for anyone, but for animals, carrying just a few extra pounds can have serious effects on their well-being.

While giving our little buddies all those extra treats seems like a nice thing to do in the moment, we don’t often think about the fact that we could be shaving years off their lives. Exercise intolerance, heat intolerance, breathing difficulties, hypertension, diabetes, liver disease, osteoarthritis and a higher chance of developing malignant tumors are just some of the conditions that dogs or cats with excess weight have a higher risk of developing.

This all sounds pretty scary, right? Well, the good news is that with proper diet and exercise, our plump pets can slim down and enjoy much happier and healthier lives. Just check out these five obese dogs and cats who’ve made amazing progress in their weight loss journeys.

1. Strudel the golden retriever weighed 83 pounds at her heaviest. While that weight is normal for some dogs of this breed, Strudel’s frame is smaller than others. After her owner passed away, she was placed into the care of a foster family who was committed to helping her lose the weight. She still has a way to go, but she’s lost nearly 30 pounds so far!

2. Bolinha grew up as a stray dog on the streets of Brazil, where passersby constantly fed him junk food and leftover scraps. His weight ballooned so much that he could barely move. Thanks to the pup’s rescuers, though, he’s shed over 30 pounds and has a new lease on life!

3. A tiny dachshund weighing 77 pounds sounds shocking and impossible, but that was Obie’s reality before he came to live with certified vet technician Nora Vanatta. After the pup’s previous owners placed him into Vanatta’s care, she worked hard to help him drop the pounds with a calorie-restricted diet and gradual exercise. Thanks to her dedication, the little guy has lost close to 50 pounds!

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20 Purrrfect Surprise Messages Hidden In Matchboxes That Will Make Every Cat Lover Happy

When Croissant meets Donut (“Cronut”), Ramen meets Burger (“Ramen Burger”) or Pho meets Dumpling (”Phumpling”), you get the best of both worlds. The same goes for our 3XU’s “Matchbox-Card”.

Inspired by the elements of greeting cards, gift boxes, and miniatures, these tiny “cards” are hand-crafted from real matchboxes and hand-colored individually to give each of them that very personalized feel. But the best part has to do with the connection between the cover and the hidden message inside each box, which creates a sweet little surprise for the person who opens them.

Ever since we’ve been making matchbox-cards we realize how great the universal love for cats is and how excited people get when they see a cat card. So we decided to go all-in this time and created this special cat card collection that covers all the occasions we could think of so that for every cat-lover in your life, there is just the right card for them!

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Meet The Pallas’s Cat, The Most Expressive Feline In The World

Who can resist those little fluffy balls of fur purring at your feet? Okay, so maybe cats aren’t always so cute, especially when they’re biting your fingers or clawing your curtains. But even the haters will love the Pallas’s cat, which has been dubbed the most expressive in the world.

This cat’s facial expressions are so incredible, you’d think it was a cartoon come to life! Unfortunately, you can’t just go to your local shelter and bring one home as a pet. These endangered and wild kitties live in the grasslands and steppes of Central Asia. They even have their own preserve in Asia’s Altai Mountains.

The Pallas’s cat is named for German naturalist, Peter Pallas, who discovered the adorable creature and gave it the scientific name Felis manul. This was later changed to Otocolobus manul, which means “ugly eared”, to reflect the short round ears that, personally, I think are rather cute. What’s more is that the chances are that you may have seen these adorable cats before. They have been the subject of many viral memes. You’ll recognize their long furry coats, short legs, and extremely expressive faces. These cats, despite looking quite large, are actually not much bigger than a house cat, and, on average, they weigh only 12 pounds. Their plush fur makes them appear larger than what they truly are.

That thick fur helps to keep these felines warm in cold climates, but the Pallas’s cat does not like snow. They tend to live in cool, dry areas and keep a sandy-colored coat to blend in with surrounding rocks and earth.

While they may look cute and friendly, these cats are not very social creatures at all. They spend most of their time hiding out in caves and crevices alone and can be quite aggressive. According to Fiona and Mel Sunquist, authors of The Wildcat Book, a litter of Pallas’s cats born at the Cincinnati Zoo showed aggression toward each other from birth.

At first, zookeepers thought the kittens were having trouble breathing, but “when they listened closely, they realized that the noise they were hearing was the kittens growling and hissing at each other – before they had even opened their eyes!” Sadly, the Pallas’s cat is on the decline. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has classified the animals are “near threatened”. Agriculture, mining, and general industry encroaching on their habitat is to blame.

They are also greatly affected by rodent extermination campaigns because small animals such as marmot and pika are the main food source for Pallas’s cats. Even their fur, fat, and organs are sometimes taken and used in traditional medicines. Pallas’s cats only live to be six years old in the wild now, but thanks to zoos and preserves, they can live up to the age of 12 in captivity.

Hopefully these fluffy creatures won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, and they will provide us with many more cute and adorable memes to come! If you’d like to see the most expressive cats in action, check out the video below. You can watch two of these kitties roam their enclosure in a zoo. Sure makes me wish I could take one home with me!

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SUCKS to be them: Worst 10 tweets from blue checks working overtime to RUIN Thanksgiving

What IS it about progressives that make them want to take the joy and fun out of every damn thing? Seriously, why can’t they just leave Thanksgiving alone? Don’t like the tradition? Don’t agree with America being awesome? Hate people in general and hang out with cats only? FINE. But leave the rest of us alone. Luckily their efforts only succeeded in giving us a bunch of tweets to make fun of; here are the top 10 (or worst 10) tweets from losers trying to ruin Thanksgiving:


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adminadminSUCKS to be them: Worst 10 tweets from blue checks working overtime to RUIN Thanksgiving
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Even the writer of the NYT’s profile of a white supremacist seems to think it was a swing and a miss

The print version will arrive Sunday, but online readers of the New York Times were able to read writer Richard Fausset’s profile of a white nationalist living in New Carlise, Ohio, a day early. As Twitchy reported Friday, a New York Times profile of conservative Ben Shapiro — whom some laughably consider “alt-right” — was enough to convince Debra Messing to allegedly cancel her subscription, so what reaction would Times readers have to an actual, self-declared Nazi sympathizer profiled in its pages? The reception was not good, overall.

Comic Michael Ian Black wasn’t necessarily contrary at all: why not profile white nationalists, especially if they seem more pathetic than powerful in the telling?

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adminadminEven the writer of the NYT’s profile of a white supremacist seems to think it was a swing and a miss
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